Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Blog

Notice I didn't title it New Blog!! That's because it looks really really bad. I shouldn't even refer to it until I have time to figure out how to get it looking presentable but I am. Just because I'm raw like that. (Okay, not really, it's because I need help!!) I even purchased a package to customize it but I can't get it to load and quite honestly, editing trumps blogging. There. I said it. But when you're three weddings, two children sessions and an engagement session behind I think you'll see that editing is the obvious choice.

So go ahead and take a look:

But please don't even try to give me a fake "It looks great" because I'm completely aware that it's ridiculous. It's laughable really. Even the pictures look weird.

So, if anyone happens to be wordpress/prophoto saavy and would like to come to my aid then please let me know. I'd love to talk to you about hiring you to help me get it up to snuff.

Thanks so much to everyone who follows me with my sparatic blogging! I'm really making it a goal to blog a session per night until I'm caught up. I just started this last night so you know, we'll see how it goes. (Feel free to laugh and post sarcastic comments tomorrow when you don't see a new blog)

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  1. Will be checking out your photography blog. Happy Holidays!