Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Blog

Notice I didn't title it New Blog!! That's because it looks really really bad. I shouldn't even refer to it until I have time to figure out how to get it looking presentable but I am. Just because I'm raw like that. (Okay, not really, it's because I need help!!) I even purchased a package to customize it but I can't get it to load and quite honestly, editing trumps blogging. There. I said it. But when you're three weddings, two children sessions and an engagement session behind I think you'll see that editing is the obvious choice.

So go ahead and take a look:

But please don't even try to give me a fake "It looks great" because I'm completely aware that it's ridiculous. It's laughable really. Even the pictures look weird.

So, if anyone happens to be wordpress/prophoto saavy and would like to come to my aid then please let me know. I'd love to talk to you about hiring you to help me get it up to snuff.

Thanks so much to everyone who follows me with my sparatic blogging! I'm really making it a goal to blog a session per night until I'm caught up. I just started this last night so you know, we'll see how it goes. (Feel free to laugh and post sarcastic comments tomorrow when you don't see a new blog)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Katie Lee

Katie Lee is such a doll. Really, she is. I call her the Sunbeam Bread girl because she reminds me so much of her! That curly little blond head and cute grin-just makes you want to go buy a loaf of bread doesn't it? Leanne's main request was to get a full length, timeless heirloom type shot to go in her new home that's under construction. I was quite nervous about this because that's a little out of my comfort zone. I'm a little more free-spirit type but I'm always up for a challenge! Well, there was no need to be nervous because Katie Lee was a pro! She was so perfect!! I have never had a not-quite-three-year-old behave like such a professional. It took us a few minutes to get warmed up but I think we ended up with some really sweet shots.

The photo below on the left absolutely took my breath away. I seriously wanted to cry when I saw it and immediately wished she was my child so I could order an insanely large print of it to hang up for the world to see. I mean, look at the way she's perfectly holding her dress out to the side and those gorgeous tree branches flowing to mirror the curve of her dress!! It really makes me beam with pride as if she were my own child. I love it so much that the following week I made a near-identical photo of my own two children and have already ordered a 20x30 enlargement of it. I'm totally not kidding--ask Jay--he thinks I'm insane. I really LOVE it that much.
I also really love this one on the right. I mean she was the perfect little subject!

At this point she was getting a little tired and mind you it was at least 90 degrees and bugs swarming us everywhere. I've sort of made it a regular practice that when kids start to lull a little I let them pick the pose and then show it to them on the display. We have a good laugh and then it's my turn to pick the pose. We take turns like this for a few frames and so far it's worked every time! (I just knocked on wood so as not to jinx my toddler-whispering secret). Here were Katie Lee's favorite "funny faces" poses:
LOVE the one on the right! (I also ordered a 16x20 canvas of my kids in front of this fence after this session. I need help, I know...Jay doesn't even know about that one yet!)

I adore the baby doll shot too. This sadly is the only photo in front the the cute little cottage because Donnie must have earned his wilderness boy badge in dangerous plant spotting. He quickly told us those pretty vines were peppered with poison ivy/oak (poison something) so we had to scurry on out of there. Thanks Donnie! It's always good to have a wilderness boy around.
Katie Lee is such a proper little girl. Her whole family is really. Her mother, Aunt Kitty and Grammy...they design gorgeous dinner things and arrangements. Nothing like me as you can tell by my use of "dinner things". I really don't know the proper term but you know what I mean. They know how to make things look really pretty and classic and have nice china dishes and that type thing. They're what I picture as traditional Southern Belles and just fabulously classy ladies. So I thought a little tea party with her stuffed friends would be perfect for Katie Lee! I've actually had this idea with my own daughter but I'm realistic. Kynsley would never be able to pull it off. She's much more "peace-out" than proper. The entire tea set would be broken before we could get the first frame. Katie Lee pulled it off perfectly however, just as expected!
Katie Lee LOVES her Mommy & Daddy. They are the sweetest little family. It's so obvious how much they all adore each other and what a happy life they've built.
The one on the right was Katie Lee's pose.
And I had to include this last one simply because...look at Leanne's legs! Wow!! Does she look fabulous or what?!
Thanks so much for sweating out the morning with me! Katie Lee was a dream and thanks to that little muse I now have several huge enlargements inspired by her shoot that I have to try and find a place for:)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Jay (the hubby) knew Madison when she was just a wee little thing and he was all of 13 or so. His mom and Madison's mom worked together back in the day and I was really honored that she remembered me when it came time for Senior pictures! Jay always asks me after every session how it went and I'll generally give a "Pretty good I think" or "I'm afraid to download them...I don't think the kids liked me..." or "Really good! I think we got some good ones!". Occasionaly and ever so limitedly (because I'm my very harshest critic) I am beside myself with excitement because I just know we got some uh-mazing shots. Well, that was the case with Madison. She was STUNNING!! Which doesn't always equal photogenic mind you--but Miss Madison watches her Tyra. That's right--I said it. You can learn alot from America's Next Top Model! I TiVo it every season so remember that if you've got a shoot coming up. Watch your Tyra and learn how to smile with those eyes!

I think Madison totally has it down...

By the way...look at that dress. If I could dare fit into her clothes I would have totally shot her (in the photography sense of course) in exchange for select peices of her wardrobe. I'm so not kidding.
I literally pulled the card right out of the camera the second I got home and ignoring all other sessions that were patiently waiting (sorry guys!) weeded through the 500+ pics just to find this series in front of this door. I was so excited to see if it photographed the way I thought it did. Um, yeah, it was pretty fabulous if you ask me!

I actually shot this one on the right through the hole in the brick. I know she was wondering what in the world I was doing hiding behind the brick pile well...this is what

Madison. You're seriously gorgeous. I mean seriously.

Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me & I hope you have an amazing Senior year!

Becky & Emory {Just Married}

Becky & Emory both graduated from the Univeristy of Alabama. In fact, they were in some photos together from the graduation ceremony they just hadn't met each other yet. It wasn't until Emory went to work with Becky's stepfather that they were introduced, began dating and now have become a Mr. & Mrs.!

I met Becky at the bridal fair in January and we just clicked. I're thinking how do you know you have a connection with someone from just meeting them in passing at a bridal fair? Well, I remembered her! That sounds crazy, I know but when you meet oh, 500 or so brides and you can distinctly remember one then I'd say that's a connection. We emailed back and forth and then when I learned the groom's name was Emory. Seriously? That's one of my favorite names ever (like I wanted to name my kids that favorite) so I knew it must be fate. Becky truly is one of the sweetest human beings ever. Do you know that since her wedding she actually e-mailed me and volunteered to help with the bridal fair coming up? Is this girl for real?!

Becky was a dream bride, Emory was a perfect gentleman, the family was wonderful (they had us over for cookies & lunch!) and they were married at the old brick church in Mooresville which is just perfection in my book. I had the most amazing Brooke by my side and this wedding was fabulous. Every. Single. Detail.

From the killer shoes... the gorgeous dress

When Brooke & I had the idea of shooting these rings on her minature eiffel tower we had no idea that they were going to France for their 2 week honeymoon!

This is Scout. I think Scout my very well have gotten more photos taken of him than the bridal party did...or maybe even the groom. He was the most beautiful animal ever! Becky rescued him and it is obvious that he is eternally grateful and in love with her. Every step Becky took he was right there. When she started putting her makeup on, he just backed right up against her legs. It was precious, really. Just look at those big sad eyes!!

I never get tired of that steeple.

Becky stuck with the rustic feel of the church and used mason jars and simple cream flowers.

The lovely ladies

The man behind the awesome name himself

These guys had me cracking up! I mean, they were really funny. Obviously, Emory had a giant for one of his groomsmen.

So the guys thought it'd be funny to do a photo that made him the same height as they were. Priceless. I forgot to mention that Emory is a total romantic. While it's not a photographer's ideal, as a woman I have to respect the romance factor that Emory did not want to see his bride until the ceremony. Usually it's the bride who wants to stick to tradition but this was Emory's idea. How sweet it that! You can see that Becky was over the moon to see her groom!

Becky's talented brother played and sang a special song for them during the ceremony.
How cute is she? Sooo excited!!
Since they didn't see each other beforehand, we rushed to get a few shots of them before they headed to the reception.

I love this one on the left. I love it so much I just ordered a giant gallery wrap to display at the upcoming bridal fair.

We're going to do a bridal session in a few weeks and Emory's going to join us so we can take our proper time and get plenty of couple shots so I'll post those then. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE after the wedding bridal sessions? Well...I do:)

The reception was down the street at the Bay Trading Company there in Mooresville. Guests just walked on down to the party. It was beautiful.

As a last minute idea (literally like two days before the wedding) to keep the guests entertained we setup a make-shift photo area. We brought a few props and Brooke took funny photos of everyone. I think this turned out to be a great idea! We'll definitley incorporate this into future events.

Congratulations Becky & Emory!! I feel so lucky to have spent your first day as man and wife with you. It was truly an honor.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Michele & David

Michele & David braved the heat with me to shoot their engagement session last month. Luckily, being a fireman and all, David is pretty comfortable in the heat. I didn't even have to photoshop any sweat on this guy! They were awesome and I think the heat between them shows through much more than the 96 degree weather we were in.

Thanks David & Michele! You guys were great & I'm looking forward to spending your wedding day with you next month!